5 Best Portable Ice Makers

There’s nothing more regrettable than running out of ice 3D shapes and being compelled to taste a room-temperature drink. That is where countertop ice makers prove to be useful and will show you the best portable ice makers.

Whether you want to stay aware of mixed drinks during happy hour or fill your cooler on setting up camp excursions, these machines produce an almost endless ice supply, no matter where you are. Also, they can start producing ice in minutes, so you never need to go long without them.

Countertop ice makers are generally machines sufficiently little to keep on ledges or take in a hurry, and most of them have their own tanks so they don’t have to be connected to a water supply all the time. That is the reason they’re perfect for trailers, your house on the beach, and terraces, and the sky is the limit from there.

There are way too many things to consider when buying a Portable Ice Maker since there are many types of them with a wide variety of features and the best one for you will be the one that best suits your needs, therefore, we can make just a generic “The Best Ice Maker” post since our pick might not be the one you are looking for based on your needs but this blog always got you, that’s why we are picking the best ice makers based on the main features, for example, if you are looking the best Nugget Ice Maker, we got you. The best Countertop Ice Maker with a water line? We got you. check out below our picks and pick YOUR chosen one!

The Best Ice Makers by Type

Best Overall: NewAir 50-pound Storage Portable Ice Maker

  • Product Dimensions: ‎14 x 16.88 x 16.75
  • Ice Production: 50 pounds per day
  • Voltage: 120

This NewAir Ice Maker is our pick for best overall since it does a bit of everything really well, it’s got a 50-pound storage container, makes ice really fast, and has a water-line connection so you don’t even have to bother about refilling it.

NewAir began 15 years ago, specializing in portable air conditioners and refrigerators, and today its expanded lineup includes a range of portable ice machines. The 50-pound model is quite large and heavy, but it produces a whopping 50 pounds of ice per day.

Is it worth all the precious counter space it takes up?

You can clear out some cookbooks in your kitchen to make way for the appliance. Then plug it in, fill it up, and wait to see if its seemingly endless supply of fresh ice could justify its massive presence, but that is something you will have to figure out. Read on to find out.


  • Large, thick bullet ice: The NewAir 50-pound portable ice maker perfectly fills the niche between a large, expensive commercial ice maker and one more suited to home use. It produces 50 pounds of ice per 24 hours, which is about double what its smaller, more compact home countertop ice machines can produce. Its fan is as quiet as a computer fan, and even the sound of ice cubes falling into the tray is pretty quiet.
  • Big, In-Charge Design: Make no mistake, this gadget may be portable, but it’s big, and at almost 40 pounds, it’s heavy. It is portable in the sense that it does not have to be permanently connected to a water line for it to work. If you really want to move it, two integrated handles on the side make it easy. However, keep in mind that the coolant needs to sit for two hours if the machine has been hit a lot.


  • Well-Equipped: Several really useful features set the NewAir 50-pound portable ice maker apart from budget models. First, you can choose from three sizes or thicknesses of ice. Even the smallest size is sturdy enough to chill a drink effectively without melting it in minutes. If you want it to last even longer, choose the medium size. And for hotter days when you really want the ice to stick around for a while, the larger size is the way to go.
  • A bit pricey: With a retail price of around $270, the NewAir 50-pound portable ice maker is something of an investment. Cheaper countertop ice machines with a smaller capacity and fewer features cost about half as much. But if you want an ice machine that can keep up with the demands of a large group, whether in an office or a backyard party, the NewAir can really churn out a lot of thick, high-quality ice in no time. And the timer and self-cleaning features come in handy. The price is in line with similar ice machines that have the same features and capabilities.

Technical Specs:

Brand Name‎NewAir
Item Weight‎37.6 pounds
Product Dimensions‎14 x 16.88 x 16.75 inches
Item model number‎AI-215SS
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer‎No
Capacity‎0.8 Cubic Feet
Installation Type‎Countertop
Part Number‎AI-215SS
Special Features‎Portable
Color‎Stainless Steel
Connector Type‎Water Line
Defrost‎Auto Defrost
Ice storage‎50 Pounds
Material Type‎Stainless Steel
Included Components‎Ice Maker, Manual
Technical specs source: Amazon.com

Best Budget:
FRIGIDAIRE EFIC189-Silver Compact Ice Maker

  • Product Dimensions: ‎‎15 x 11 x 14.5 inches
  • Ice Production: 26 pounds per day
  • Voltage: 120

In terms of compact Countertop Ice Makers, this is a gold mine, it is way too good to be so cheap and that’s why we picked it. You can check the reviews on Amazon it is just an excellent Portable Ice Maker for an affordable price.

This Frigidaire ice maker has a semi-transparent lid for easy monitoring, and dedicated indicators notify you when the ice storage is full and when you need to fill the tank with water. With a working noise level of less than 60 dBA, this ice machine is barely noticeable.

The ice basket in this Frigidaire ice maker has a weight of 1.76 lbs capacity, allowing you to dispense a large amount of fresh ice for multiple servings of cold beverages.


  • Versatile Ice Maker: This stainless steel Frigidaire ice maker is compact and stylish for easy placement on the countertop in your kitchen, bedroom, office break room, or home bar. Make the machine part of your RV or boat for easy preparation of cold beverages on the go.
  • Plenty of ice on hand: With a daily output of 26 pounds, this Frigidaire bullet ice maker keeps you prepared for parties and large gatherings. Keep homemade sodas cold with fresh ice from this unit, whether you serve them during the day or late at night.

Technical Specs:

Model Info‎EFIC189-Silver
Item Weight‎17.76 pounds
Product Dimensions‎15 x 11 x 14.5 inches
Item model number‎EFIC189-Silver
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer‎No
Capacity‎26 Pounds
Installation Type‎Countertop
Voltage‎120 Volts
Wattage‎200 watts
Connector Type‎Manual
Material Type‎Stainless Steel
Included Components‎Shovel, Basket, Machine
Technical specs source: Amazon.com

Is this ice maker ideal for home use?

Featuring a compact design for easy portability, this Frigidaire stainless steel ice maker is ideal for use at home and in various party settings.

How fast does this unit make ice?

This Frigidaire ice maker makes up to 26 lbs. of ice cubes in 24 hours.

Best Nugget Ice:
GE Profile Opal

  • Product Dimensions: ‎‎17.25 x 9.75 x 17.1 inches
  • Ice Production: 24 pounds per day
  • Voltage: 120

Back in 2020, we made a blog post about the Best Nugget Ice Maker and it seems nothing has changed since, the GE Profile Opal is still the best of its class, every time you talk about Nugget Ice Makers you have to talk about this one. It makes chewable and crunchable ice, with a water tank and built-in wifi and voice control.

The GE Opal ice machine is one of the largest and possibly one of the most sophisticated units in this niche market. At 47 pounds, it’s not the kind of thing you’re going to take with you on a camping trip in a tent or to a tailgate party. Yet it’s still compact enough to have a decent spot on your counter, in your RV, or as part of a sheltered outdoor kitchen space.


It is designed to produce 3 pounds of ice per cycle, which is usually enough to keep drinks cold and refreshing for around six to seven people. A full cycle takes just under 20 minutes, which is a bit more, but the tradeoff is the large capacity per cycle.

The GE Opal is designed to produce up to 24 pounds of ice per day, and the collection bin can hold up to 3 pounds at a time. It also comes with a side tank, ice tray, ice cream scoop, and drip tray.

Another area where Opal excels is Bluetooth connectivity and the GE Profile app. This allows you to walk away from the portable ice maker knowing its status and what it is doing. This is especially helpful if you’re entertaining outdoors while working in the RV or in your home kitchen.

Technical Specs:

Brand Name‎GE Profile
Item Weight‎37 pounds
Product Dimensions‎17.25 x 9.75 x 17.1 inches
Capacity‎24 Pounds
Installation Type‎Countertop, Built-In
Special Features‎Rapid Production, Fresh and Filtered Ice, Built-in WiFi and Voice Control, LED Display Screen
Color‎Stainless Steel
Voltage‎120 Volts
Included Components‎Ice Maker, Drip Tray, Ice Scoop
Batteries Required?‎No
Technical specs source: Amazon.com

If you need a portable ice maker for indoor and outdoor entertaining, but don’t want it strapped to your hip, then you’re sure to love the Bluetooth connectivity and GE Profile app. The ability to produce three pounds of ice per batch and 24 pounds in a single day also means it has the performance to support your RV refrigerator without having to go to the store.

It’s one of the most sophisticated ice makers on the market, with the special features and overall capacity performance to be the best portable ice maker for a home, outdoor kitchen, or RV. If you love glamping but don’t want to increase the freezing performance of an absorption freezer, this portable ice maker deserves to be placed at the top of your list.

Euhomy Ice Maker

  • Product Dimensions: ‎12.59 x 9.64 x 12.59 inches
  • Ice Production: 17.20 pounds per day
  • Voltage: 120

This one is a surprise they claim to start serving ice in just 6 minutes and the 10,000+ ratings with an average of 4.5 stars are telling me they are very serious about it. A two-size ice cube option and the self-cleaning feature make it a very appealing option.


  • Bullet Ice: The transparent visual window allows you to see the ice-making process, allowing you to see the moment the ice cubes are frozen. The stylish bullet-shaped ice cubes will bring you an experience that normal ice trays can’t do. Enjoy the ice cubes and entertainment.
  • Control panel: The ice cube machine has two optional sizes of ice cubes, you can choose different sizes of ice cubes according to your needs. The ice machine has the most advanced infrared sensor technology. When the ice basket is full, the home countertop ice maker will stop making ice to prevent ice from overflowing. When the water level in the water tank is insufficient, the indicator light will remind you to add water in time.
  • Silent and efficient: Euhomy ice machine is equipped with an excellent refrigeration system, which has uniform cooling, fast cooling, and low motor noise. You can enjoy ice cubes and drinks in a quiet and efficient environment.
  • Infrared sensor: This incredibly fast and efficient ice machine comes with a sophisticated infrared sensor that will stop ice production once the basket is full.

Technical Specs:

Brand NameEuhomy
Model Info‎IM-01
Item Weight17.20 pounds
Product Dimensions12.59 x 9.64 x 12.59 inches
Capacity‎26 Pounds
Installation Type‎Countertop
Special Features‎Rapid Production, Control Panel
Color‎Stainless Steel
Voltage‎120 Volts
Included Components‎Ice Maker
Batteries Required?‎No
Technical specs source: Amazon.com

Best Self-Cleaning:
Igloo Automatic Self-Cleaning Portable Countertop Ice Maker

  • Product Dimensions: ‎12.2 x 9.06 x 12.8 inches
  • Ice Production: 26 pounds per day
  • Voltage: 120

Igloo Ice Makers are just good in general but when it comes to self-cleaning, price, and quality this is the best option we could find, besides that, it has a 2-quart water tank, ice basket capacity for 1.25 pounds of ice, and a carry handle which makes it convenient for outdoor activities.

The Igloo Portable Countertop Ice Maker makes it convenient to create ice cubes for parties as well as on hot summer days.
The modern design and adjustable bucket size add unique functionality to this portable tabletop ice maker. You can make optimal use of space in your freezer by using this ice cube maker that has a capacity of 1/2 lb. of ice.
The icemaker’s water reservoir has a 2-quart capacity and can produce up to 26 pounds of ice in 24 hours. You don’t need to worry about the noise produced as it is only 42 decibels. If you regularly entertain guests then this machine will be invaluable. Moreover, ice can be created in a matter of minutes, making it the perfect machine for your fast-paced life.


  • Self-Cleaning: This Ice Machine is the champion of self-cleaning, with a 5 cleaning cycle that is just an effortless task.
  • Control Panel: Nowadays a control panel is crucial for almost any electronic gadget. With an LED control panel, the Igloo Ice Maker lets you know when you have to refill the water tank when the ice basket is full and of course, allows you to choose the most convenient ice size.
  • Removable Ice Basket: Allow you to just pull and carry/transfer your ice cubes anywhere you want.

Technical Specs:

Brand Name‎Igloo
Model Info‎ICEB26HNAQ
Item Weight‎14.33 pounds
Product Dimensions‎12.2 x 9.06 x 12.8 inches
Capacity‎26 Pounds
Installation Type‎Countertop
Ice storage‎26 Pounds
Material Type‎Plastic
Included Components‎Ice maker, basket, scoop
Batteries Required?‎No


In conclusion, is hard to pick the best product because that is very subjective, but we try to make it by type or feature so that we can narrow down your choices and make it easier for you to get the most convenient for your needs.

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