Portable Ice Maker Won´t Make Ice

Why My Portable Ice Maker Won’t Make Ice?

If your portable ice machine isn’t working, don’t be left without buying another one before properly diagnosing the problem. Different components, such as the water inlet valve or fill tube, can cause slow ice making and other ice maker-related problems. Use this troubleshooting guide to reduce potential ice maker failure problems.

Whatever the model of ice maker you have in your home, if you have problems making the ice as it should be, these tips can help you, although it is also advisable to review the user manual of each equipment.

Power supply

Yes, as silly as it may seem, the first thing to verify is that the machine is receiving electrical power. You can verify that the panel’s lights are on, that the power cord does not have any type of damage, and if the machine does not turn on, try to connect another electronic device in the same socket to verify if the problem is with the socket itself and not with the machine.

Power Supply

Operating time and temperature

If you are using your cooler for the first time or it has not been used for a long time, you should know that for it to start making ice, the equipment must be on for at least about six hours if after that time the portable ice maker does not work as it should.


Check the container and ice cubes

It is important that both the storage container and the ice cubes are checked from time to time, as this may be the reason why ice is not being produced. Some causes are:

  • The passage of the cubes may be blocked by the ice itself, preventing it from producing more, so it is advisable to check and clean from time to time, and use warm water in the opening of the ice cube to clear the way.
  • Check the condition of the ice, for this, you must slightly lift the lid of the bucket. If the ice is clumped and stuck, it prevents more from being produced, removes the ice, and waits for the maker to make new cubes.

ice cubes

When the machine is not producing enough ice, here are some problems that could be to blame:

Dirty Condenser or Filter:

If the freezing and harvesting cycle is too long,  dirt and scale can build up on the condenser or filter. Cleaning both components should help increase production. If you notice damage to either one, be sure to replace it right away.

Fan Motor Problems:

The fan motor may not be spinning or has an open pressure control. Check if the motor or fan blade is damaged. The controller should be tested by an authorized technician.

Low Refrigerant Charge:

Low refrigerant charge can prevent ice build-up. An authorized service agent should check for low charges and perform necessary repairs, including repairing leaks, refilling refrigerant, and replacing any components.

Misleading ‘Bin Full’ Light:

If the ‘Bin Full’ light is on but the bin is not full, the ice sensors may need to be cleaned or replaced.

Here is a very useful blog post from Better Home + Living that can help you out as well when your countertop ice maker won’t make ice.

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